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Subsequent Owners

CANIM has had three name changes over the years. Richard Lowe, Jr. changed the name to Polaris in 1935, American Can Company changed to Canco in 1939 and C.E. Bouchin changed it back to CANIM in 1949.

After Col. Blethen, there was a set of quick transfers between Natalie Keaton, wife of the actor Buster Keaton, her sister, Margaret Talmadge, Lynn and Bernice Atkinson. The Atkinson’s maintained the yacht until April, 1935 when it was transferred to Richard and Katherine Lowe, Jr.. In January, 1939 the yacht was transferred to American Can Company who owned her during World War II, including her service with the US Navy. In July, 1949 ownership transferred to D. E. Bouchin, then to G.G. Gaudin in May, 1951 and stayed with Gaudin until 1958. In 1950 there was a monolog published under the title “Cruise of the CANIM” describing a ten day marlin fishing trip on CANIM in Mexico. (6)

Clessie Cummins purchased CANIM in February, 1958. It is no accident she is powered by two 850 cubic inch 325 Cummins diesels. In March, 1963 there were several quick transfers to Buane Busch, then Early and May Gallicutt and in July to Roy Canedy. The next transfer was in June, 1965 to Eric Lidow, then to Pacific Factors in December, 1971. During the twelve years Pacific owned CANIM she chartered the waters from Seattle to Juneau, Alaska. The actress, Julie Andrews was a regular charter guest during this period.

In December, 1983 a very tired CANIM was transferred to Norton Charters. During the next fifteen years, CANIM underwent several major refits which were extensively photo documented. Several million dollars were put into CANIM at various boat yards on the west coast from California to Washington State. Norton’s restoration in 1983 was excellent and highlighted in Wood, Water & Light and published in Visions, the magazine of the Smithsonian. The subsequent years under the control of Warner Erhert of EST fame were not so kind. The original interior was gutted and replaced with a contemporary motif. Norton again purchased CANIM in February, 1991 and chartered her until she was sold in September, 1998 to a company controlled by Rick Boehlke. In May, 2000 the yacht was seized by the US Marshals as a result of a default on the mortgage and was auctioned in Seattle, WA where she purchased by Dan Prigmore of Boston, MA. Mr. Prigmore initiated an extensive renovation program with Philbrook’s Boatyard in Sydney, British Columbia. Working from photos dating back to the 1930’s, 50’s and 80’s, the renovation sought to restore various elements to the style and character of the period. The restoration was completed in six months with the expertise and professional guidance of Philbrook’s Boatyard. CANIM was re-launched in 2002, with Boston as her hailing port.

Upon encountering CANIM cruising The British Virgin Islands in 2004, the current owners, Marty and Lisa Sutter, immediately saw CANIM as the yacht of their dreams, and initiated a quest to acquire the vessel. As guest aboard CANIM in Martha’s Vineyard in the summer of 2006, the Sutters convinced Mr. Prigmore to reconsider his plan to make a two year voyage from Maine to Alaska and, in November, 2006 Mr. Sutter acquired the ownership of the vessel. The Sutters moved CANIM to the The British Virgin Islands where additional renovation were made to the boat, including laying a Burmese teak sole in the main and forward salons with an inlaid compass rose crafted by Erik Groenenberg of E&S Yacht Maintenance at Nanny Cay. The compass rose was made of eight different exotic hardwoods. After wintering in the BVI, CANIM made her way through the St. Lawrence Seaway and into the Great Lakes, where she reached her new hailing port, Harbor Springs, MI.


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